Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 10 List to Choose a Home Alarm Company

Many consumers find choosing an alarm company is a very challenging task. There are many companies around, so I can you be sure which company to choose from? What services to choose? Why some companies have much higher monthly rates than other companies? From my experience in the security industry for about 10 years, I recommend using this list to choose your alarm company. This list is not in any order of importance, each item is equally important. 
  1. Liability Insurance: Make sure the alarm company has at least 1 million dollar liability insurance. This will cover any damage that might result from damages during installation or malfunction of the alarm system. 2 million dollars liability insurance is very common in the security industry.

  2. ULC Monitoring: Make sure the monitoring station is ULC approved. ULC means Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. These are standards for security equipments and workplace. Security companies who has certified listed monitoring station means that the monitoring facility complies with the ULC standards. ULC certified companies should make the consumers feel comfortable and safe with their equipments and service provided.

  3. Referrals: Check residential and commercial referrals that are using the company services. This is very important to ensure that the monitoring station response is fast and friendly. Also, make sure the service respond for the alarm company is fast when your system has any trouble and require service. Don't just ask for the referral list, rather call them and ask about the company, if they are happy, if they have any incident or problems.

  4. How old is the company: how many years in business? How experienced are the technicians? There are many companies that are new to this business and they will disappear very fast. So, make sure the company is at least 3 to 5 years old.

  5. Location of Monitoring Station: make sure your monitoring company is local. It is very important to have a real person on the other line when you are in need and distress. Local monitoring companies are faster to dispatch and deal with any dispatch. Also, it is important to have backup monitoring station in case the main station is down.

  6. Subcontractors-Dealers: Make sure the alarm company will perform all installation and services and they are not reseller or subcontract to another bigger company.

  7. Contract: make sure the there are no hidden obligations in the contract. Make sure no long term contracts. 3 years are very typical and standard. Make sure you own the system after the contract term is over.

  8. Local Company: always work with a local company with a local office. This will ensure better and faster service. Companies with remote offices will have to subcontract someone else to do the work.

  9. Insurance Certificate: Most insurance companies will provide you with a discount on your home insurance when you have an alarm system. Make sure the security company will provide you with an insurance certificate.

  10. Physical office: Make sure your company has a local office.

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  1. I used to be an alarm install technician. And while I know nothing about industry lobbying, I do know that almost all consumer model alarm systems have a verification system. When the alarm goes off, the monitoring company calls your home and can listen in on the panel. They ask you your secret pass-phrase and/or verify your identity. If there is nothing or no noise, then the police are called.
    And, motion sensors are pet-friendly and can distinguish between your dog and a person pretty easily- unless your dog weighs over 100 pounds.

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