Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Shopper's Guide to Choosing CCTV Cameras!

CCTV cameras are everywhere now. Companies and households alike are installing them to prevent crime or detect it whenever a thief gets bold enough. Aside from their ability to save and protect you, these gadgets are more affordable than other security measures, easier and quicker to install, and require almost no maintenance.
If you're in the market for CCTV cameras, you need to know about their types to make the best choice. So, read on to find out which camera you should install for your security.
Indoor Systems
As their name implies, these devices are used for indoor security. They can be mounted in different corners of your home or office to protect your valuables. In addition, they can either be visible or hidden in boxes or decorations.
Outdoor Systems
For public places and to observe outdoor places, outdoor cameras are perfect. You can place them at entry and exit points to watch who everyone going in and out of the building or passing by it. However, because of their location, there are a few problems which you should address. First off, you need to make sure that the gadget is placed within vandal-proof casing. This way no one will be able to steal it. Next, this security system requires sufficient light. So, either place it in a well-lit area or go for a more expensive model that comes with night vision.
IR Day/Night Cameras
Whereas the first two gadgets may be used for simple security, devices under this category are designed for high alert security areas where surveillance is required 24/7. By day, this device will function like a regular camera and show colors. On the other hand, once darkness sets in, the device will capture and show black and white images. In addition, thanks to infrared LEDs, these systems will be able to function normally even in no light. However, as impressive as this type of cameras may be, it may be too expensive for some. This is why it is recommended for military bases, parking lots and high security zones.
Dome and Bullet CCTVs
CCTV cameras of this type are installed in structures so that they won't be visible. Dome ones are placed in dark domes so that they won't be noticed by thieves but still be able to rotate and tilt easily. Bullet ones, on the other hand, are smaller in size and capable of resisting weather conditions. Besides, they are perfect at residential and commercial areas, whereas dome devices are ideal for areas such as a railway station where people gather in large numbers.
Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras
Pan tilt zoom CCTV cameras allow you or your surveillance team to zoom into all areas and rotate to different fields of vision. As a result, you will be able to watch a larger area and make sure to protect your possessions better.
There are other CCTV cameras out there, but those are mainly hybrids of the aforementioned. So, take your pick wisely and contact a reliable security solutions provider for your own surveillance system.
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