Thursday, March 29, 2012

Large versus Local!! The big guys are trickin’ you!

Have you ever been at home around dinner time and that door bell rings? When you answer the door there is a rather young college kid at your door trying to sell you an alarm system? Well it happens all the time. There are a number of large alarm companies that go door to door and they offer you the world, so to speak. An offer so good you can’t refuse: a FREE alarm system!! They talk really fast and they are pushy and they really don’t let you have a chance to say no. Before you know it, you’re signing a 3-5 year contract for an astronomical monthly fee…but you got that free alarm system? TRICKED!

So here is the deal. These door to door sales people don’t even work for the company they are selling, they work for an authorized dealer. The company at your door, who is promising you the world, doesn’t even work for them. Once they get you to sign the contract the independent company also installs your new alarm system. These companies are then paid a set amount paid by the large conglomerates. Since they are getting a set amount, they are always looking for the cheapest equipment they can find to install into your house. The cheaper they get it, the more they make. You get what you pay for. Alpha Alarm and Audio charges a reasonable amount to install a high quality system and charges a minimal monthly monitoring fee. These dealers are selling you a free (poor quality) system and charging you large monthly monitoring fee. What kind of system is protecting your family? Your business?

Let’s talk about the sale people that come to your door. As a Licensed Alarm Company, Alpha Alarm and Audio is required to be registered as an owner, sales person or installer of alarm products. THEY, the door to door authorized dealers, are not. They are usually college kids that are hired.

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So what happens when they are done installing your equipment?? Good question. Here is where you, as the customer, get the run around. When you have a problem with billing or with an equipment failure most customers call “ADT” or any other large alarm company who’s stickers are on their windows, because that’s who sold it to them and that is who they are paying. When the customer calls, they will be told by the alarm company that they did not install the equipment and to call the company that did. “HUH???” says the customer. It doesn’t make sense, does it? So the customer calls the number on the card from the salesman that installed and sold it to them and that number is usually disconnected due to high turnover. Or if they do get through, they are usually given the run around back to the larger alarm company.

So why use Alpha Alarm and Audio, your local alarm company? We are a local business that takes pride in its company and community. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and great customer service. We will provide a quality product, licensed installers to install your product and a low monthly payment. We will answer our phone when you call. You will not get an automated “please press zero for operator” system. The best part about it is that you will also be supporting your local economy. I can tell you that 9 out 10 deals that we have lost to FREE equipment, the customers always call us back to say how regretful they were for going with “the big guy”. As soon as their contracts are up, most customers switch to us, Alpha Alarm and Audio. Why give the big guys the business when all they are going to give you is shotty equipment and customer service nightmares…please press one now! Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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